Space Saving Cooking Appliances
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Space Saving Cooking Appliances

Compact appliances are the perfect solution if you are tight on space in your kitchen. There is a whole range of compact, under-counter and slimline appliances that are perfect for smaller rooms.

Space Saving Cooking Appliances

Microwave technology has come on in leaps and bounds recently, and some models now offer grilling, steaming, and convection heating. Ovens vary in size. If you’re tight on space, there are plenty of options. Integrated models fit into your kitchen units. Freestanding models can be placed on a worktop.


Regular microwaves usually have controls to adjust the temperature, time and weight. While they are often used alongside full-sized ovens, you can use them to cook a full meal alone: ideal if you’re short of space.


High-end models often have a grill function for that crisp golden finish. Unlike standard microwaves, they can brown food.


Combi microwaves include a convection oven.  As well as grilling, they work like a conventional microwave. Although more expensive you don’t need to also have a regular oven.


Compact ovens are built into a kitchen unit and are usually fitted with a grill. Around 45 cm tall, they’re similar in size to an integrated microwave.


If you don’t have the space for a full-size hob, you can get a smaller hot plate. This sits on your worktop and has one or two electric burners: typically, one is larger and more powerful than the other. There will be sufficient power to still boil, simmer, and fry like with a standard hob.


The size of freestanding cookers doesn’t vary much – the width can be 50 to 60 cm but the height is usually 90 cm.  There are tabletop cookers that have the main oven and sometimes two electric hob rings. They’re similar in size to a microwave.

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