Compact Cooling Appliances
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Compact Cooling Appliances

Compact appliances are the perfect solution if you are tight on space in your kitchen. There is a whole range of compact, under-counter and slimline appliances that are perfect for smaller rooms.

Compact Cooling Appliances

If your home hasn’t enough space for a standalone refrigerator, then an under-counter model is a great solution. There are separate fridges and freezers, and some small fridges even have their own built-in freezer section.


At only 85 cm high, an under-counter fridge will fit neatly under a standard kitchen worktop. Bear in mind you need a space of 2 cm all around the appliance for ventilation.

They have many of the same features as taller models, like adjustable shelves. So even though storage space is limited, you have plenty of flexibility.

Some of the under-counter fridges also have a freezer space - usually a compartment at the top.


You can also get under-counter fridges with a separate freezer compartment that has its own door.


The best thing about a mini-fridge is that it can be kept almost anywhere, in the kitchens or even a bedroom. They’re handy for storing fresh food in flats, offices, or caravans.


The size of the mini-fridges varies. They typically are around 45 cm wide, but the smallest are just 20 cm wide and 30 cm tall. They also range in height from 50 cm to 65 cm, and in-depth, with most being between 45 cm and 51 cm.


Mini freezers can also be called tabletop freezers, and are available in similar sizes and styles to mini-fridges.

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