Compact and Slimline Dishwashers Buying Guide

Compact and Slimline Dishwashers Buying Guide

Compact appliances are the perfect solution if you are tight on space in your kitchen. There is a whole range of compact, under-counter and slimline appliances that are perfect for smaller rooms.

Compact and Slimline Dishwashers

Dishwashers are more hygienic than hand washing, and even smaller models get dishes cleaned conveniently. If you want a dishwasher that does not take up much space, there are two choices:  Slimline dishwashers can be left freestanding or built into an awkward space, while a compact model can either be integrated or simply placed on a worktop.


If space is tight, or you’re restricted by units, you could choose a compact or tabletop dishwasher. At just 55 cm wide, they can sit right on your worktop or be directly integrated into the kitchen with a matching door.


Compact dishwashers are about 10 cm wider than slimline dishwashers but only about half the height. At 50 cm deep, they are 10 cm deeper than a microwave. This means they fit into small spaces. However, they can only wash smaller items so you may still need to hand wash bigger pots and pans.


A dishwasher’s capacity is quoted as the number of place settings it holds. Typically, a compact dishwasher holds between six and eight place settings.

Despite their smaller size, you don’t have to compromise on capabilities. Many compact dishwashers have temperature settings, a quick wash programme, glass-care, and even anti-flood features.


Many countertop dishwashers are designed to run quietly. Typically, they produce around 50 dB, which is the same level as people talking.


Compact dishwashers do cost more than regular models. They’re also less energy efficient, so consider your long-term costs.


Slimline dishwashers fit under a conventional worktop. Just 45 cm wide, they are 15 cm slimmer than full-sized dishwashers. Most slimline dishwashers are 85 cm tall with a depth of 50-60 cm.


Slimline dishwashers hold nine to ten place settings, compared to the 16 of a standard model.


Like standard-sized dishwashers, slimline dishwashers are either integrated or freestanding. Integrated dishwashers give the kitchen a neat, streamlined finish. Freestanding dishwashers can be placed wherever suits you (plumbing permitting) 

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