How To Use Your Oven Effectively
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How To Use Your Oven Effectively

Every kitchen has an oven. But are you using it right??

How To Use Your Oven Effectively

Oven controls and programmes vary. Electric ovens usually offer more even heating; the temperature of a gas oven can fluctuate. Fan ovens circulate the air for more even cooking, and steam ovens can cook without oil.

Tips For Cooking In Gas Ovens

Rotate food: Heat is less consistent in gas ovens, so rotate baking trays during cooking.

Avoid dark cookware: Heat emanates from the bottom of a gas oven. Dark cookware absorbs heat faster, so go for light-coloured metal, glass, or even silicone.

Choose A Cooking Function

When you turn on the oven, you’ll need to select a cooking function.

  •          Fan: Faster cooking time and lower energy consumption.
  •          Conventional: Ideal for roasting and baking.
  •          Grill: Crisps and browns food.

Allow the oven to pre-heat before adding food – a light may indicate it is ready.

Select A Rack

  •          Top Rack: Used for fast cooking and browning.
  •          Middle Rack: Usually cooks more evenly.
  •          Bottom Rack: For lower temperatures and slow cooking.

Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Oven

Avoid opening the door during cooking, especially baking.

Keep the oven clean to avoid heating burnt food.

Electric ovens can be dry, stopping bread and cakes from rising. Add a pan of hot water to the bottom of the oven to add steam.

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