Are You Making These Laundry Mistakes?
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Are You Making These Laundry Mistakes?

Here are some common mistakes people make when doing laundry.

Are You Making These Laundry Mistakes?

By avoiding these mistakes, you could save yourself time and money.

Not Using The Right Programme

Washing machines have standard programmes, and most people stick to these –occasionally changing the temperature. But there are also other programmes for delicates, wool or sportswear that adjust the temperature, cycle length, spin speed etc. By choosing the right programme, you could cut down on water and energy use and reduce wear and tear on clothes.

Not Doing Up Zips

Zips should be done up before clothes go in the wash. They can get caught on other clothing in the washing machine.

Not Turning Clothes Inside Out

Washing causes friction between clothes. This makes printed graphics fade and leads to pilling. By turning clothing inside out, wear and pilling will happen on the inside instead.

Using Too Much Detergent

Using more detergent does not result in cleaner clothes. Many detergents come with scoops or dosage balls to help you use the right amount.

Not Pre-Treating Stains

There are many methods for removing stains but you must treat stains before the clothes go in the wash. Remember to dab not rub!


Overloading the machine causes clothes to clump together and move as one big mass. This stops detergent from being distributed properly and means your clothes aren’t cleaned.

Not Checking Clothing Labels

You can take the guesswork out of laundry by reading care labels on clothing.

Not Protecting Your Delicates

Silk, wool and cashmere need extra care. Ideally, such items should be hand washed. If you don’t have time, select the right washing machine programme.

Not Checking Pockets

A check of pockets before putting garments in the machine might save you from the terrors of disintegrated tissue.

Not Sorting Laundry

By mixing whites and colours you risk colours bleeding together and whites coming out pink!

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