How To Care For Your Clothes
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How To Care For Your Clothes

Want to keep your clothing longer? The more attention you pay to laundry labels, the longer they will last.

How To Care For Your Clothes

It’s important to dry, iron and store clothes properly. Here are some handy hints on caring for clothes.

Clean Clothes in Washing Machine

Read Laundry Labels

Most of us sort our laundry into whites and colours. It is also good practice to read the labels inside and separate them further.

Washing Symbols

Washing machines have a range of pre-set programmes for different fabrics and garments.

Whites: Only wash with other whites and use a hot temperature.

Coloured: Turn clothes inside out and use warm water (not hot) to prevent colours from leaking.

Delicates: Use a gentle spin and cold water. You should consider handwashing fragile items.

Towels: Wash in a warm temperature and use a fast spin.

Remember to clean your clothes only when necessary: over-washing wears them out.

Dry Your Laundry Correctly

Air and sunlight are best for drying laundry. If you use a tumble dryer, remember:

  •          if laundry is dripping with water, give it extra spin cycle.
  •          Read drying labels to check the garment is suitable for tumble drying.
  •          Don’t over or underfill your dryer.

Iron Clothes Carefully

Ironing clothes correctly is key to keeping them looking good. You should check the item’s label before ironing. Some delicate materials shouldn’t be allowed to come into direct contact with the iron. Turn them inside out, and iron under a damp cloth. Avoid ironing over zips and buttons.

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