How Do Self-Cleaning Ovens Work?
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How Do Self-Cleaning Ovens Work?

Self-cleaning ovens might sound like science-fiction, but many of us already have one in our homes. These ovens have a special pyrolytic function which heats up the oven cavity to temperatures in excess of 500°C, which turns grease and grime to ashes.

How Do Self-Cleaning Ovens Work?

Most ovens heat up to temperatures of around 240°C, but pyrolytic ovens have an additional setting that will heat up the cavity to 500°C. Such intense heat breaks down any food remnants, oil and fat in the oven through a process known as pyrolysis. This word comes from the Greek words “pyro”, (fire), and lysis (“to separate”).

At these temperatures, the door will lock automatically so you cannot burn yourself. It unlocks itself again when the cycle has finished, and the oven temperature has dropped below 100°C. For those of us that do not enjoy cleaning the oven – and who does? – this is an amazing feature. Once the oven has been allowed to fully cool, you can simply wipe away the remaining ash with a damp cloth. That’s it: No smells, no chemicals, and no fuss. Best of all, the oven even reminds periodically that it is due to be cleaned.

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