How To Clean Shoes In A Washing Machine
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How To Clean Shoes In A Washing Machine

Are your favourite shoes looking the worse for wear? Well, you can spruce them up with your washing machine!

How To Clean Shoes In A Washing Machine

Before cleaning shoes in a washing machine, check the care label. Some fabrics can be damaged by water and aren’t suitable for a washing machine. Trainers can usually be cleaned safely in a washing machine.


Remove laces – they can go in the washing machine with the shoes but it stops trapped dirt beneath them being inaccessible. Remove excess dirt with a stiff brush.

To prevent your laces from getting caught in the drum, put them and the shoes into a mesh bag or an old pillowcase.

Set-Up Your Washing Machine

Does your washing machine have a special shoe programme? If so, use that, if not use a low temperature to prevent colours from running and to protect PU or PVC materials –add a half-dose of colour-protecting laundry detergent.

Drying Your Shoes

Never put your trainers in the tumble dryer; it can melt the glue that holds them together! Ideally, air dry your shoes. Roll some newspaper uo and put it inside each shoe. This helps maintain the correct shape and soaks up excess moisture.

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