Washing Machines FAQ
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Washing Machines FAQ

Which washing machines are the most energy-efficient?

Machines with high energy ratings such as A+++ save the most energy.

How do I find out a machine's energy rating or water consumption?

All washing machines have an EU energy label. This highlights energy efficiency, water consumption and some other information.

How quickly can a machine wash my clothes?

This depends on the selected programme. A quick wash can wash clothes in 15 to 30 minutes, while other settings will take longer.

What is the difference between 'freestanding' and 'integrated' washing machines?

A freestanding washing machine is not connected to the kitchen units, so can be placed anywhere there is a drain and an electrical socket. An integrated washing machine fits behind a cupboard door within a unit.

What is the difference between 'front-loading' and 'top-loading' washing machines?

The door on a front-loading model faces forwards, while a top-loading machine opens upwards.

What features and programmes should I look for?

Every machine has a number of programmes – think about your typical laundry: garments and fabric types; to choose which is best.

What spin speed do I need?

Faster spins squeeze more water out of your clothes, drying them quicker. The fastest spin is 1600 RPM, but very few cycles can use this speed. Lower spin speeds are suitable for delicate fabrics.

Which washing machines are the quietest?

Machines making under 50 dB are the quietest.

S&D Ireland: Domestic Appliance Repairs

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