Dishwashers FAQ
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Dishwashers FAQ

How much does a dishwasher cost to run?

Annual running costs vary between £24 and £67 each year.

How much water does a dishwasher use?

The amount of water a dishwasher uses per year is shown on the energy label. On average this is less than hand washing

What capacity do I need?

The size of your household and space in your kitchen must be considered. Tabletop dishwashers have a 6 place setting capacity so are ideal for an individual or couple. Slimline dishwashers have a larger capacity (9-10 place settings) and the width is just 45 cm, making them perfect for a small family. Full-size dishwashers can manage 12-16 place settings and are 60 cm wide.

What is a place setting?

A place settings is made up of a dinner plate, dessert plate, glass, soup bowl, tea cup and saucer, plus cutlery.

What is the difference between freestanding and integrated dishwashers?

Freestanding dishwashers can be slotted into an space in your kitchen. Integrated dishwashers are built into a unit with a cupboard door fixed on the front.

What does dishwasher salt do?

In a hard water area, your dishwasher could leave streaks on your crockery. Dishwasher salt softens the water to prevent this.

S&D Ireland: Dishwasher Repairs

At S&D Ireland, we have a network of qualified dishwasher repair technicians based in your area. We come ready to work on your broken dishwasher with the most common replacement parts to try to fix it on the first visit. We have fixed-price labour costs so you only pay our standard fee plus the price of the parts we use, and if we cannot repair your machine we can use your deposit towards a new model. Call our team today to find out more about our dishwasher repair service and arrange for a visit from a dishwasher service engineer in your local area.

For more information call S&D Ireland on one of our local numbers below:-

Dishwasher Repairs Southport Call 01704 779 123

Dishwasher Repairs Maghull Call 0151 601 7150

Dishwasher Repairs Formby Call 01704 779 123

Dishwasher Repairs Kirkby Call 0151 601 7150

Dishwasher Repairs Bootle Call 0151 601 7150

Dishwasher Repairs Crosby Call 0151 601 7150



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