Refrigeration FAQ

Refrigeration FAQ

Find your most frequently asked questions here about refrigeration including fridges, freezers and fridge freezers.

How do I find an energy-efficient fridge or freezer?

Freezers are rated from A+ to A+++, the highest rating. Larger appliances generally consume more energy. Ice prevents freezers from running effectively, so consider a frost-free model, or defrost it regularly.

How can my fridge keep food fresher for longer?

Most fridges have features to keep food fresher such as quick chill technology, antibacterial seals and airflow cooling.

What is the difference between a crisper and a chiller compartment?

A crisper is an enclosed drawer for which keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. A chiller is similar, but this compartment is designed to keep meat and fish at around 0°C.

What type of fridge should I go for?

You can choose between buying a fridge or a combined fridge freezer and freestanding or integrated. Consider the available space and whether an under-counter fridge or a tall one would be more suitable.

Are fridge freezers noisy?

Most fridge freezers will make a humming sound. The noise range should be between 32 to 47 dB, with one making 40 dB classed as being “quiet”.

Do models with water dispensers need connecting to the water supply?

Most need to be plumbed in, but some non-plumbed models are available.

What are the benefits of an American style fridge freezer?

They offer increased storage capacity and impressive features like digital displays and water or ice dispensers. They also have many adjustable shelves.

What capacity do I need?

A 100 to 300-litre freezer and 100 to 150-litre fridge capacity will be ideal for a medium-sized family.

What are the ideal temperatures for my fridge and freezer?

A fridge should be between 3°C and 5°, and while a freezer at -18°C.

What happens if the freezer door is left open?

Some models trigger an alarm if the door is open for too long, but as long as the door is open for fewer than four hours, your food should still be safe.

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