Understanding Washing Symbols
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Understanding Washing Symbols

Shrunken jumpers, bobbly T-shirts, stretched-out sleeves… if you don’t wash your clothes correctly, then it costs you money and causes significant stress. But for some of us, trying to figure out the meanings of laundry labels can be a nightmare. So don’t panic: we’ve cracked the code and written a guide to help you out.

Understanding Washing Symbols

This group of symbols tells you whether or not your garment is safe to put in the washing machine, or if it needs some more specialist treatment.


Tub with wavy water: This symbol means that it is safe to machine wash the clothing. The number inside the picture of a tub shows what temperature the garment should be washed at. If the tub has got a cross through it, it means do not wash it in a washing machine at all.


Tub with peaked waves: If this symbol it has a single line drawn beneath it, it means you have to wash the garment using a synthetic cycle. If there are two lines beneath it, then use a wool wash.


A tub of water with a hand in means hand wash only.


A circle is a dry-clean only symbol. The circle will usually have a letter in it, which is for the dry-cleaner to tell them what kind of solvent to use. If the circle has a cross right through it, the item shouldn’t be dry-cleaned.


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