My Clean Laundry Smells Less Than Fresh
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My Clean Laundry Smells Less Than Fresh

Doing laundry can feel like a thankless task, but it's even more frustrating if all that hard work gives you poor results.

My Clean Laundry Smells Less Than Fresh


Clean out your washing machine every month by doing a hot wash (60 degrees or more) with a cap full of detergent but without putting clothes inside.


Mould can grow inside of the door seal, so wipe around it - inside and out - with a damp cloth before running a maintenance wash.


Take clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished when possible to avoid a damp smell. Transfer garments to the tumble dryer or air dry them in a warm room, allowing plenty of space between them to allow air to circulate around them. Try using a capful of fabric conditioner in your wash if you do not already do so.


If you do already use fabric conditioner but can still see residue in the dispenser after a wash, your siphon might be blocked. Remove the dispenser and clean it under a hot tap using an old toothbrush.


Do not overfill the fabric conditioner compartment. If you go over the maximum-level indicator, the fabric conditioner is immediately released, interfering with the detergent. You won't get the benefits of fabric softener, and your clothes won't be as clean.


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