Drying Symbols Explained
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Drying Symbols Explained

If your jumpers have shrunk, your T-shirts have bobbled, or your sleeves have stretched out then it might be because you didn’t wash them right. Damaged clothes cost money and cause stress. But for most of us, those symbols may as well be a foreign language. Don’t worry, though, because we have cracked the laundry code and written a guide to help you out.

Drying Symbols Explained

This series of symbols are there to help you to avoid clothes shrinking or ending up misshapen when you are drying them.


Square with a circle in it: This symbol means that the item is safe to be tumble dried.


If you see a dot inside the centre of the circle, then tumble drying must only be done on a low heat setting.


If there are two dots, then it can be dried on the high heat setting.


If the circle has a cross through it, the clothes should not be tumble dried.


Square with lines: If you see a square with three vertical lines in it, you should drip dry the item.


If there is one drooping line hanging down from the top, then it means to hang the clothing out to dry.


If there is a single horizontal line in the centre, it means to dry the garment flat.


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