Should I Wash New Clothes Before I Wear Them

Should I Wash New Clothes Before I Wear Them

Clothes manufacturers, dermatologists and fashion lovers all say the same thing: You should wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time. But why?

Should I Wash New Clothes Before I Wear Them?

New clothes are actually dirtier than they seem. Dozens of people will have handled the garment in the shop before you bought it. Then there are chemicals that are added to the product as it was being produced. Synthetic textiles are often dyed with azo-aniline, which can cause a skin reaction in some people. Anti-fungal agents are also sprayed onto clothes before they are packed for transportation. These contain formaldehyde, which can cause eczema and respiratory irritation. 

Are some clothes more important to wash than others?

The most important clothes to wash first are those which you wear in contact with your skin and ones that will be subjected to sweat, such as sports gear. Sweating opens up your pores and allows the skin to absorb chemicals from clothing. 

What about second-hand clothes?

Second-hand clothing is actually safer when it comes to chemicals, as it will have already been washed. It's still a good idea due to hygiene to wash before wearing. 

Tips for washing new clothes:

Read the washing instructions carefully, so you don't shrink or damage the clothes. Use a natural detergent, so you don’t get skin irritation. Air-dry the clothing if possible because it extends the garment’s life, and it is better for the environment. 

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