How To Make Clothes Last Longer
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How To Make Clothes Last Longer

Have you heard about the simple solution to increasing the longevity of your clothing? It is simpler than you might think and genuinely does help to prolong the lifespan of clothing. The tip? Don’t wash them – or at least don’t wash them as often

How To Make Clothes Last Longer

Most people will wash every single item of their clothing every single day. There are some exceptions – it is common to wear jeans or jumpers a couple of times. The truth is, you actually do not need to wash your clothes unless they are dirty or smelly — and that means when you can actually see dirt or smell odour on them.

It’s actually quite common in other countries to only wash socks and underwear on a regular basis.

Most British people are obsessed with repeatedly washing their clothes. Before the 20th century, laundry was only done once a week or less. Now it is common for washing machines in households up and down the country to be on almost permanently.

Washing and drying actually destroy clothes – every time they are washed little microfibres break free and gradually wear them out. Those micro fibres – if synthetic – contribute to plastic pollution. And washing and drying use a lot of energy and water. Of course, you should continue to wash your dirty socks, bed sheets and underwear on a regular basis, and any other item of clothing that needs it. But unless there is a need, you can safely leave the rest alone.

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