How To Read Care Label Symbols
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How To Read Care Label Symbols

Have you ever put a garment into the washing machine, only to find that when you took it back out again it was absolutely ruined? If your clothes have shrunk, become misshapen, been tangled and torn or otherwise made unwearable after a wash then maybe there is something you should have done differently –and the answer is often on the labels on the clothes themselves. Do you know what all of those little symbols mean?

How To Read Care Label Symbols

It is worth taking some time to learn about the symbols on the labels of your clothes. If you have a printer than consider printing out a list and using it to refer to before washing clothes. It is best to separate out any clothes that need special care and washing them separately. The most common problems are:

  •          Machine washing clothing that is “hand wash only”
  •          Washing clothing on too high a temperature and causing it to shrink
  •          Combining colours and whites and the colour bleeding out onto other clothing

Deciphering the code

The care label symbols are actually quite straightforward when you know what they all mean.

  •          A bucket indicates a washing instruction – hand-wash, do not wash or various recommended temperatures.
  •          Then there are triangles, which indicate the type of detergent that should be used – or avoided.
  •          Square symbols are all about drying – if there’s a circle inside the square then it’s about tumble drying
  •          An iron shape contains – predictably – ironing instructions
  •          A circle means the garment should be dry cleaned – unless there is a cross through it which means DO NOT dry clean!

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