How To Pre-Treat Stains
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How To Pre-Treat Stains

Have you ever thrown an item of clothing into the wash, only to find out when you took it out that it was still completely ruined? If you have a stubborn stain that will not come out then you need to follow this advice.

How To Pre-Treat Stains

Various stains can be pre-treated in different ways by applying common household substances to the station before washing the garment in your washing machine:

Oil – white chalk

Deodorant – dryer sheets

Coffee – baking soda (see * below)

Lipstick – rubbing alcohol

Grease – washing up liquid (see ** below)

Sweat – lemon juice

Ink – Milk and vinegar (see *** below)

Red wine – dish soap mixed with hydrogen peroxide

Blood – hydrogen peroxide

Grass – vinegar

Makeup – shaving cream

Berries – boiling water

Additional Guidance for stain removal

* Coffee stains should first be soaked in cool water using a sponge. Sprinkle a teaspoon full of baking soda onto the stain and massage it in before running through a wash on your washing machine.

** For grease stains, put the stain face down onto a paper towel and use an old toothbrush to run washing up liquid into the stain from the back using a circular motion. Leave it to dry, then rinse it and wash on the highest temperature that is safe for the fabric.

*** Ink stains should be soaked overnight in a combination of two parts milk to one part vinegar before being put through the washing machine.

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