Do you know how to wash your clothes properly?
Posted by      04/16/2019 00:09:45
Do you know how to wash your clothes properly?

Have you ever tossed a piece of clothing into the wash, only to find that when you took it out again it was ruined? Perhaps it got tangled and torn, or a stubborn stain would not come out rendered it unwearable. Only then do you sometimes realise what you should have done differently –and sometimes not!

Do you know how to wash your clothes properly?

The statistics say that people on average damage an average of ten items of clothing every year due to washing them wrong. This takes its toll on the environment because it reduces the life span of clothing that we would otherwise continue to wear for longer, sends extra waste to landfill, and creates demand for the production of new clothing.

Why change the way I wash?

Learning how to wash your clothes properly is a small but effective step toward reducing your personal environmental footprint – and it involves learning how to read all of those confusing little symbols printed on the labels of your clothing. There's a very good chance that you fall into the 87 per cent of people who do not know how to wash their clothes properly, so it is worth learning how to pre-treat stains and read care instructions to help to prolong the life of your clothing. Your bank account, water bill, and the environment will all thank you for investing time into doing your wash right!

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