Guide To Disposing Of Domestic Appliances
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Guide To Disposing Of Domestic Appliances

It’s important to dispose of your old electrical items correctly – do you know the legal position? Since 2007, the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulation have allowed members of the public to deposit their old electrical and electronic items free of charge. However, you need to transport it to a suitable location so that many new appliance retailers will collect and dispose of your old domestic appliances for a nominal fee.

If you intend to dispose of an appliance yourself, you should check the disposal label on the appliance. It is rare that such as an item can be thrown out with your regular household waste, but luckily there are some more environmentally-friendly disposal processes to follow.


If you are replacing an old appliance with a new one, the WEEE regulations state that the retailer of the new appliance has to help you dispose of your old one. A member of staff at the retailer will be able to organise this for you, or they can alternately provide you with all the necessary information for you to arrange for an alternative disposal service if you prefer.


Recycling is generally considered to be the most environmentally-friendly method of disposing of an unwanted old domestic appliance. Some local council-run recycling centres will take a selection of electrical goods, but not all, so it’s best to give your local centre a call beforehand. Some items, such as fridges, contain dangerous gases which mean they have to be disposed of at a suitably-equipped location.


You can, of course, donate your unwanted appliances to charity as long as they are still in good working order. Of course, if the appliance isn’t working, you could always try repairing it first, as it will often work out cheaper than buying a brand new replacement.

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