Ultimate Guide To Energy Efficiency
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Ultimate Guide To Energy Efficiency

There are many decisions to make when purchasing a new domestic appliance. Energy efficiency is currently a hot topic and is an important factor to be considered. Choosing right will reduce your carbon footprint and also save money.

It is a legal requirement for retailers to display an efficiency label on many household appliances: It is needed on washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, electric ovens and corded vacuum cleaners. If you can’t see a label, then make sure to ask for it.


Every domestic appliance in the scheme goes through a series of rigorous tests to make sure it meets European regulations, and it is then given an energy efficiency rating. These are grades like on an exam paper, and also coloured so that you can tell the result at a glance.

The grades go from A+++ down to G. A+++ is the most energy efficient rating, and G is, as you might expect, the least efficient. The energy efficiency labels originally ran from A – G, but, as technology has got better and appliances have become even more efficient, + had to be added to the A rating several times to make sure the top appliances are covered. As well as letters, the colour of each grade tells you how good the appliance is. It goes from green for the best performing, down to red for the worst.

As well as the energy efficiency grade, the label also displays some other useful information. For example, on washing machine labels, it includes the noise level, water consumption, and the drum capacity.

For each appliance, you will also see that it lists the estimated total energy consumption over a year. This is only indicative: you need to bear in mind that actual consumption will depend on your individual usage.

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