Vacuum Cleaners For Small Spaces
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Vacuum Cleaners For Small Spaces

Vacuum cleaners are available in many shapes and sizes, and so there are several options if you have a small home or you are short of storage space.

There are different types of compact vacuum cleaners. They include cylinder, stick and handheld. Our guide should help you decide on a model that’s best for you.


Cylinder vacuums are lighter and smaller than traditional upright vacuum cleaners.

  •          They are easier to manoeuvre and can be used on any floor surface.
  •          They come with a small unit on wheels and multiple attachments.
  •          Bagged cylinder cleaners tend to have greater capacity, although bagless models are usually more cost effective.
  •          Bagless models are better for the environment and don’t lose suction power when they fill up.
  •          Cyclone technology is sometimes used which traps allergens and bacteria.


Stick vacuum cleaners have a suction tube and handle. The dirt is collected in a small compartment near the handle.

  •          Despite being smaller than upright models, they often perform just as well.
  •          They are easier to manoeuvre and typically weigh a lot less – about three kilogrammes.
  •          Storage is simple, due to the slim design.
  •          The capacity of a cordless model is typically around 0.5 litres, and battery life ranges from 10 minutes to an hour –which should be enough to clean most two-storey houses.


Handheld vacuums are a lot smaller: just a handle and a nozzle. They also vary more in performance.

  •          They will tend to have a shorter battery life – as little as between five minutes and half an hour.
  •          They are more suited to restricted spaces such as the car.
  •          Prices can range from as low as £15 to as much as £250. More expensive models can suck up wet spills too.
  •          Handhelds have a smaller dust capacity than a conventional vacuum cleaner, ranging from 0.5 to 5 litres.
  •          The major advantage of handhelds is they are light and compact, weighing between 0.7 kg and 2.3 kg.

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