Guide To Buying A Compact Domestic Appliance
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Guide To Buying A Compact Domestic Appliance

If you’re short on kitchen space or need to integrate your appliances with the overall kitchen look, there are lots of options available to you. Modern manufacturers sell a wide range of compact, under-counter and slimline appliances that are designed to fit in smaller spaces. Many of the big name brands have coordinating compact appliances that can give you a seamless finish.

Sometimes you need to get creative to fit appliances into a space: here are some ideas.


Keeping the freezer in a garage is a good way to maximise your kitchen space. Manufacturers will specify the minimum operating temperature for the appliance, and some are more suitable for outbuildings than others. Most freezers shouldn’t be kept in a room which gets colder than 10°C so make sure to check the small print as the warranty might be invalid if your appliance is installed in the garage. Generally, washing machines are not suitable for installation in outbuildings as issues could arise from temperature extremes, as well as pumping and draining difficulties.


If you have a separate washing machine and dryer, you can save on floor space by putting one appliance on top of the other one. If you’re thinking of stacking appliances, there are some things to think about.


Most major brands sell stacking kits in hardware shops. They’re relatively cheap –certainly cheaper than a combined appliance. Prices vary from £25 to £100. Normally, the kits are made from plastic, but the more you pay, the better the material. If you do stack, it is strongly advised that you only stack appliances of the same brand. Otherwise, the footprint of each may be slightly different – making the structure unsafe. Stacking isn’t appropriate for machines with rounded edges, and you will need an expert to fit the kit safely.

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