Reduce Food Waste – Use Your Freezer
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Reduce Food Waste – Use Your Freezer

Do you want to reduce the amount of food you throw away? The solution is simple: use your freezer!

Reduce Food Waste – Use Your Freezer

Every year we throw away in the region of seven million tonnes of food. That’s £13 billion worth, and most of it is comprised of bread, vegetables, fruit and leftovers. The average family could save £700 per year by putting excess fresh food and leftovers into the freezer.

Best Before, Use By, Display Until

The dates on food can be quite confusing, but you do not always need to throw away food on or after the date that is marked.

  •          Best before – food is safe to eat after the date displayed, it is simply fresher before then. Use common sense, and if it smells good, it will be fine to eat.
  •          Use by – this food is unsafe to eat after the date, so eat it or freeze it a few days before.
  •          Display Until – this is for store use and has no bearing on freshness.
  •          Bread
  •          Cheese
  •          Cooked meat
  •          Fish
  •          Fruit
  •          Milk
  •          Potatoes
  •          Condiments
  •          Eggs
  •          Salad
  •          Yoghurt

Foods that can be frozen

Foods than can NOT be frozen

Freezer Tips

You can freeze food at any point up until its use by date. It will keep for years, but it’s better to use the food within six months. If you use it after longer, cook it slower and add more flavour.

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