How Do Self Cleaning Ovens Work?
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How Do Self Cleaning Ovens Work?

A self-cleaning oven? That might sound like something out of Star Trek, but in fact, a lot of people already have a self-cleaning oven in their home. These ovens have a special pyrolytic function that heats the inside of the oven to 500°C – hot enough to turn the grease and grime into ash. This is a godsend for those of us who hate to clean the oven: there are no chemicals, no smells and – most importantly – there is no fuss. You can simply wipe away the residual ash with a damp cloth.

How Do Self Cleaning Ovens Work?

Whilst the majority of domestic ovens can only reach a maximum temperature of about 240°C, Pyrolytic models from manufacturers such as Zanussi have a special cleaning setting which heats up the oven’s cavity to 500°C. This is so hot that it breaks down any food remnants, fat or oil that has been left inside the oven by a process known as pyrolysis. The word pyrolysis is derived from the Greek words “pyro”, which means “fire”, and ”lysis”, which means “to separate”.

Are Self-Cleaning Ovens Safe?

While the oven is working away at such high temperatures, the door automatically locks shut so that you cannot accidentally burn yourself. The oven door unlocks itself again after the cycle has finished and the oven has reached a lower temperature – around 100°C, which is as hot as boiling water.

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