Happy New Year 2019
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Happy New Year 2019

Make it your New Year’s resolution to repair that broken appliance that has been sitting in your home unloved and ensure you have a happy new year 2019. Maybe your washing machine broke on Boxing Day or your oven gave up the ghost after cooking the festive turkey. A repair from S&D Ireland can be a cost-effective alternative to buying new, so let us fix your domestic appliances this New Year.

New Year Domestic Appliance Repair

Believe it or not, despite the disposable nature of many domestic appliances, they do not always have to be replaced with a new one if they break. With the fixed price labour charges at S&D Ireland, you won’t be charged the earth if you need a domestic appliance repair so let us take a look before you empty your bank account.

Domestic Appliance Repair

For New Year domestic appliance repairs, call S&D Ireland. We are reliable and trusted by our customers as domestic appliance repair specialists. We have a fixed price for labour, so as long as we can repair the appliance first time, you only pay £45 for labour plus the price of parts. When we need to do a more complicated repair or order parts, we quote an “all-in” price for your domestic appliance repair. You pay a £25 deposit up front, and we return to repair your broken domestic appliance when the parts are in stock. All our repairs come with a 12-month guarantee, for your peace of mind. If your domestic appliance cannot be repaired, then the £25 you paid can be used as payment towards a replacement domestic appliance from our range. 

S&D Ireland: Domestic Appliance Repairs

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to get your broken domestic appliances repaired. At S&D Ireland, our local network of fully qualified repair technicians arrive at your home with many of the most common replacement parts for your domestic appliance. We will always attempt to fix your appliance on our first visit. Call us today to find out more about our services, or to arrange for your visit from a domestic appliance repair engineer.

Aintree Domestic Appliance Repairs Call 0151 601 7150

Tarleton Domestic Appliance Repairs Call 01695 768 738

Skelmersdale Domestic Appliance Repairs Call 01695 768 738

Bootle Domestic Appliance Repairs Call 0151 601 7150

Southport Domestic Appliance Repairs Call 01704 779 123


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