Dishwasher Energy Efficiency Explained
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Dishwasher Energy Efficiency Explained

If you’re planning to purchase a new dishwasher, it’s worth taking a good look at the energy efficiency label. Models that have high energy ratings are more efficient, so they save you money on your electricity and water bills, and are better for the environment. You’ll also find that the best models are quieter.

Dishwasher Energy Efficiency and Noise Levels Explained


Most electrical items now have an EU energy label. For dishwashers, this shows the energy efficiency rating along with energy consumption, water consumption, efficiency at drying, noise level and load capacity.

Energy ratings range from A+++ grade to D. They are shown using coloured arrows. Most dishwashers have an A rating, but even higher rated models are available. The higher the energy efficiency rating, the more expensive the dishwasher is, as a rule. You can offset the extra cost with the savings you make in running the machine.

Generally, the larger the capacity, the more efficient the machine is. This is based on it being completely filled every time it is used, so for a single person household, a slimline machine may be more practical and efficient than a half-full large model.


Noise levels are measured in dB (decibels) and are based on how noisy a fully loaded wash is. Levels vary depending on the brand and age of the machine. Newer technologies like brushless motors and stainless steel interiors help to minimise the volume. Most modern dishwashers create about 40-55 dB, compared to 60 dB for older models.

This is down to a few factors:

  •          Quality of insulation –design and materials have improved over time
  •          Built-in disposal units –these are effectively a built-in food grinder. Modern appliances do not have these anymore
  •          Interior tubs – stainless steel tubs (as opposed to plastic) are more common now, and they are quieter as they dampen the noise of the water sprays

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