Guide to Dishwashers
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Guide to Dishwashers

Before you commence your search for a new dishwasher, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the type of machine you want. This means you know the size you need and how it is going to be installed. Which one you choose for will depend on your washing up habits, the size of your household, your budget and the space available in your kitchen.

Guide To Dishwashers        


Your first decision is whether to get a freestanding or integrated model. Both have their advantages, but it all depends on how you want the kitchen to look after your machine is installed.


These are the most common type and can slot into your kitchen where a previous dishwasher used to be or in an empty space. There are a lot of models available, to suit every taste and budget.


These are a great idea if you have a fitted kitchen, as they are designed to be hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door. Semi-integrated dishwashers have an exposed a control panel at the top of the door.


Larger dishwashers have more space for dirty dishes, but take up more space in your kitchen.


The smallest full-size dishwashers can fit 11-12 place settings, and the largest can take up to 15 settings. Freestanding and integrated full-size dishwashers are available, and they are usually 60cm wide.


Slimline dishwashers are ideal if you have a small kitchen. At 45 cm wide, they are slimmer than a full-sized model, but with equal cleaning power. They have a 9 or 10 place settings worth of capacity, so you wash about 100 items at one time.


These are a little bigger than a large microwave and sit on top of the kitchen counter. Their capacity of 4-6 place settings means they are perfect for a small household. They don’t have a large capacity and can struggle to fit in larger pots and pans. 

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