Guide To Washer Dryer Prices
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Guide To Washer Dryer Prices

One of the biggest factors when buying anything is the price. This is particularly true for big purchases like washer dryers. Our guide helps explain what you can expect from different washer dryer price points.

Guide to Washer Dryer Prices

Washer dryers are more expensive than individual appliances because you are getting two appliances in one. However, a combination model is usually cheaper than buying two machines separately. The most basic models are fairly inexpensive, starting at about £300, but cutting-edge models can cost more than £1,000. 

Most modern big brand appliances are fairly reliable so that a cheaper model can be good value. Make sure to get a good warranty though, as if something does go wrong they can be expensive to fix. If you want all the latest features, you will have to spend more. 

In more expensive models you are likely to find:

  •          A larger washing and drying capacity
  •          More programmes
  •          Sensor drying
  •          A larger display
  •          Better energy and water efficiency
  •          A three-year or five-year warranty 

Lots of other factors can affect the price, such as where the goods are manufactured and the design of the appliance. As you might expect, you pay more for well-known and respected brands. 

Wait For A Deal

If you aren’t in a rush to buy a washer dryer, then it’s worth waiting for sales to start. There are lots of deals around Black Friday and after Christmas. Retailers run promotions all year round, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open and doing some research. 

Of course, the price isn’t the only cost to consider – the running costs of a washer dryer can soon mount up. Choosing a more efficient model that is a little more expensive than a budget washer dryer could actually end up saving you money over the long term. 

And don’t forget the costs of Installation, delivery and recycling your old appliance.

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