Guide to Washer Dryer Features and Technology
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Guide to Washer Dryer Features and Technology

Washer dryers are always improving, with new features and technologies coming out all the time to improve performance and make them easier to use.

Guide to Washer Dryer Features and Technology


Electronic or digital displays display programme information and temperature settings. The controls can be buttons, touch screens or dials which let you change settings to suit your needs. 

A delayed start timer is great when you want to get a wash prepared but start it later. You load up, choose the programme and set the timer for whenever you want the wash to start. This ensures it will be finished whenever is convenient for you. 

If you have small children, a child lock will prevent them from changing any settings or opening the door while a cycle is in operation. 

Energy Saving

A standby mode helps to keep your energy bills down by turning the machine off automatically after a certain time has elapsed with no activity. Special energy saving washing features may mean you can wash laundry at a lower temperature with the same results. 

Well Balanced

Some washer dryers wobble about during a spin or drying cycle, causing a loud noise as it knocks against your units. Choose a machine that has adjustable feet to keep it level. A spin control feature reduces wobble by sensing when the machine is out of balance. 

Quiet and Caring

If you’re worried about noise, look for a quiet motor, such as a digital inverter system. These use magnets instead of brushes so create less noise and are more energy efficient. 

Some brands have Gentle Care Drums with special patterns on the inside to ensure delicate clothes don’t snag. 

Other Features

A wide porthole makes life easier, and double door hinges let the door open wider. This makes loading up easier. 

If you find it hard to judge the right amount of detergent for a wash, a foam control feature helps. It removes excess foam by altering the wash, dry and spin cycles.

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