Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency Explained

Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency Explained

Washing and drying your clothes uses a lot of energy, but with newer washer dryer models it’s possible to keep your costs down and help the environment. So, how do you choose an energy efficient washer dryer?

Washer Dryer Energy Efficiency Explained

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Nearly all household appliances have an energy efficiency rating. G ratings are for the least energy efficient, going up to A+++ for the most efficient models. However, there is more than just picking the model with the best energy efficiency rating. The ratings are calculated using a number of different factors, including the appliance’s size. An A rated washer dryer may actually use more energy than a smaller model rated B. It is therefore important to choose a machine with the right sized drum. Washer dryer energy labels show the average energy consumption as well as efficiency rating, so it is easier to compare models. 

It’s Not Just Energy Efficiency

When you choose a washer dryer, it’s not just energy consumption, but also water consumption you need to consider. Washer dryers use water during drying as well as washing. Water consumption is listed on the energy label, along with washing performance (from A to G), spin speed, drum capacity – which will be different for washing and drying - and the noise level. 

Tips For Efficient Laundry

Investing in the most efficient washer dryer is a good start, but there are more things you can do to make laundry more efficient. 

Washing clothes using cooler water is the best way to reduce energy consumption. Most washer dryers allow you to alter the temperature of their wash programmes, so try turning it down a notch or two. Usually, higher temperatures are only needed for the most stubborn stains or hygienically cleaning bedding, towels or baby clothes. 

On warmer days you could air dry your clothes, rather than using the washer dryer. The drying cycles consume the most energy so cutting these out makes a difference.

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