Guide to Washer Dryers
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Guide to Washer Dryers

There are several types of washer dryer available – integrated and freestanding models, and lots of colours and styles.

Guide to Washer Dryers             

Washer dryers work like a condenser tumble dryer. Instead of venting moist air through a pipe, like a vented dryer, the machine condenses the water instead. In a freestanding condenser tumble dryer you’d have to empty this water yourself, but in a washer dryer it is drained away. As there’s no vent hose, you don’t need to put a washer dryer next to an external wall. 


Freestanding washer dryers popular option as they can be slotted into any suitable space in your kitchen. They come with a wide variety of drum sizes and in several colours. Freestanding models can be taken with you if you move and are easier to install. 


Built-in (integrated) washer dryers are great if you have a fitted kitchen and want them to blend in with its look. They are designed with a flat front to which a kitchen cupboard door can be attached. They blend right in with all your other units. If you’ve had an integrated model in the past, then it’s best to replace it with another built-in appliance. 

Because they are secured into the units and have an extra door on the front, built-in models are usually quieter than freestanding washer dryers. However, they are more tricky to install, so you’ll probably need to get a professional to do it for you. 

Colour Options

Although they re still called white goods, modern appliances are not always white, although that is still the most popular colour.  It’s possible to find silver, grey and black models, and some manufacturers even offer more colours such as red and blue! 

Combination Washer Dryer Or Seperates

Washer dryers are great if you’re low on floor space – as you only have one appliance to fit in. They cost less than buying two separate appliances. Another option is to buy two separate appliances. This takes up more room, but you will have a higher drying capacity. On the other hand, you won’t be able to wash and dry a load in one go.

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