Guide to Tumble Dryer Prices
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Guide to Tumble Dryer Prices

All appliances are going to break down eventually. If you need reliable tumble dryer repair in Ormskirk, you can always call on S&D Ireland. Sometimes your tumble dryer can no longer be economically repaired and needs replacing. If it has been a while since you last bought a tumble dryer, how much should you spend?

Guide to Tumble Dryer Prices

First, set a budget for what you can afford. Tumble dryer prices range from less than £200 up to over £1000s for a top model. You will need to spend more if you want lots of programmes and modern features, but don’t go overboard – £500 to £600 will get you a good model that will last for years. 

It’s worth making a list of features you want so that you can find the best model at the right price. If you want your tumble dryer to last, it’s usually better to go for one from a well-known brand. If any particular model takes your fancy, then read up on online reviews for owners’ honest opinions. 


The best tumble dryers tend to have:

  •          Energy efficient technology
  •          Specific programmes for different types of clothing
  •          Super-fast drying
  •          Self-cleaning
  •          Larger capacities 

A lot of budget tumble dryers have sensors built in to detect when your load is dry, but if you choose a model with timed programmes, expect to pay a lot less. 


It is worth waiting for the sales if you don’t need a new machine straight away, it’s. At certain times of the year, for example, January and “Black Friday”, you can more easily pick up a cheap tumble dryer. 


Try to choose a tumble dryer with a generous guarantee. It gives peace of mind if something goes wrong. More expensive models tend to have a long guarantee, but don’t overspend -  you can always rely on S&D Ireland for cheap tumble dryer repair in Ormskirk.

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