Tumble Dryer Features Demystified
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Tumble Dryer Features Demystified

All appliances break down in the end, no matter how much you care for them. Until then, you have S&D Ireland for reliable Ormskirk tumble dryer repair. When your appliance can no longer be economically repaired it needs replacing. But when it has been some time since you last bought a new tumble dryer, the features can be mystifying!

Tumble Dryer Features Demystified

Tumble dryers often have an interior light, so you can see inside the drum when unloading. Some brands have reversible doors, giving you more options for where to put it. 


An anti-crease feature starts when the cycle is complete. The drum occasionally rotates until you open the door, keeping clothes crease-free. 

Look out for cool air settings. These cool down clothes at the end of the cycle or freshen up items that have been in storage, to remove the musty odour. 


Tumble dryers with heat pump technology are a bit more expensive than condenser dryers, but they are more energy efficient and cheaper to run. Standard condenser dryers release all the warm air, but heat pump technology retains and re-uses it during the cycle. Some condenser tumble dryers have a self-cleaning system. The condenser is cleaned using the water from the laundry. 


With electronic control dials, you choose the drying program or drying time required. Sensor drying models can have an LED panel to tell you the status of the cycle. Some designs estimate the drying time is remaining, others have a buzzer button, which sounds an alarm to let you know your clothes are dry. 

Warning lights are a handy reminder it is time to empty the water container or clean the filter. If you get a tumble dryer with a time delay, you get the option to delay the start of the cycle. Another feature is a child lock, to prevent little fingers from altering the settings while the appliance is running.

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