Tumble Dryer Programmes Explained

Tumble Dryer Programmes Explained

All appliances are going to break down eventually. Reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk can be found from S&D Ireland, but sometimes appliance can’t be economically repaired and need replacing. If it has been a while since you last bought one, the new tumble dryer features can be a mystery! Let us explain some of them.

Tumble Dryer Programmes Explained


Sensor drying detects the size and weight of the load and makes sure the dryer only runs as long as it needs to – then it automatically switches off. You save energy and money with this function, and it protects clothes from shrinkage and over-drying damage. You will find sensor drying on both cheaper and expensive models. 

Most tumble dryers with sensor drying technology have the following dryness settings: 


Laundry is left slightly damp to make ironing easier. You need to iron the clothes immediately for It to be effective. 


This is ideal for clothes that don’t need ironing. Light creases drop out when the item is hung up. 


This setting gets your laundry dry enough to be put away as soon as the cycle is complete. 


Extra dry means a longer cycle time, so bulkier items get completely dry. This is perfect for items like bedding and towels. 


Tumble dryers often come with drying settings for cottons and synthetic materials. Some models have a specific setting for delicates. Synthetic programmes only dry approximately half as much clothing as a cottons programme. 


Some cheaper tumble dryers require drying time to be set manually. 


Some tumble dryers have special programmes, for specific functions. 

Outdoor wear programmes dry heavy items such as coats, whereas lingerie programmes are for light, delicate items. Some manufacturers offer programmes for drying specific garments like jeans. 

A super-quick programme gets your clothes ready to wear quickly. The speed varies depending on the manufacturer, so research before you buy. Easy iron programmes keep your clothes as crease-free as possible.

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