Tumble Dryer Capacities Explained
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Tumble Dryer Capacities Explained

All tumble dryers will eventually break down. If you need reliable tumble dryer repair in Ormskirk, you can always call S&D Ireland, but sometimes an appliance needs replacing. If your tumble dryer is beyond economical repair, it can be a minefield choosing a new one.

Tumble Dryer Capacities Explained

Capacity refers to the dry weight of clothes you can fit inside the tumble dryer drum. A range of capacities are available –so whether if you live alone, with a partner or as part of a large family there will be one to suit you. The most common sizes are between 6 kg and 9 kg. 

The larger the capacity, the more drying you can do at once. A kilogram is roughly equivalent to a whole outfit: trousers, top, underwear and socks. You may buy a tumble dryer that has the same capacity as your washing machine so that you can transfer your entire wash between the two. 


Larger drums improve the flow of hot air. This cuts drying time and improves energy efficiency. The extra space in the drum reduces creasing as clothes can move freely.  Compact tumble dryers are usually slower, less efficient and cheaper.  It is important not to overload your tumble dryer. Your clothes won’t dry properly and will end up creased. 


When deciding what size tumble to buy, think about your family’s drying needs. If you only do a few small loads a week, then a dryer with a capacity of 4 kg to 6 kg should be fine. Models with between 7 kg and 8 kg capacity can handle more clothes. Perfect if you find yourself using the appliance more often or if you sometimes need to dry larger items. If you have a large family that does a lot of drying, then it’s worth choosing a model with a 9 kg to 10 kg capacity.

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