Guide to Tumble Dryer Types
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Guide to Tumble Dryer Types

Every tumble dryer breaks down eventually. For reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk, you can always call S&D Ireland for the best service at the best price. Even then, occasionally a tumble dryer can no longer be economically repaired, and it needs to be replaced. If it has been a while since you last bought one, the choice of tumble dryers these days can be confusing – here’s our guide to the different types.

Guide to Tumble Dryer Types and Styles


A vented tumble dryer removes the wastewater through a hose. It has to be positioned near a window or a wall vent, so the moisture is released outside. Otherwise, you’ll get condensation. Vented models are usually cheaper than condenser models. 


Condenser dryers are more convenient as they can be placed in any well-ventilated room.

The water is collected in a container, which needs emptying regularly. Some condenser models even use the washing machine plumbing to extract the water. Condenser tumble dryers cost more than vented models, but it’s worth spending the money if you want the flexibility or do not want to install a vent.


Some condenser tumble dryers have heat pump technology. During the cycle, warm air is recirculated and reused, making them more energy efficient. Heat pump tumble dryers are more expensive than standard models but save you money in the long term. 


Automatic tumble dryers can detect when your clothes are dry with a sensor. You don’t set a timer, as the machine stops when your clothes are dry. You can choose the level of dryness you need, such as iron dry (slightly damp for ironing) or cupboard dry. 


Timed (or manual) tumble dryers are simpler and cheaper. They need you to select a drying time and you may need to periodically check clothes for dryness.

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