Guide to Washing Machine Prices
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Guide to Washing Machine Prices

Every appliance is going to break down eventually. For reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk, S&D Ireland can be relied on but sometimes an appliance cannot be economically repaired and will need replacing. If it has been a while since you last bought a washing machine, you may find the choice confusing – how much should you spend?

Guide to Washing Machine Prices

Washing machine prices range from around £200 to £700 or more for the best models with the most features. There are plenty of machines that costing less than £200 –and many offer you great value for money.


Remember that price is only one of the factors to consider. Cheaper machines are more reliable than ever, especially those from the reputable brands. If you do a lot of washing or need particular features, you may find that a more expensive model suits your needs better.

The most important advice is to set a budget - and stick to it.



A number of factors affect the price of a washing machine, but in general, more expensive machines have:

  •          Larger drums
  •          Faster spin speeds
  •          More features
  •          Additional programme options
  •          Better energy efficiency



If you find yourself in an emergency when your old washing machine has broken down, you often do not have the luxury of waiting for a better deal, but always check what offers are available. Most retailers offer some sort of promotion almost all year round. As well as money off deals, keep an eye open for cashback and trade-in offers.



The price of the appliance isn’t the only thing to consider: Choosing a machine with a longer warranty means you have peace of mind, but don’t pay over the odds when you can get fixed price appliance repair in Ormskirk from S&D Ireland.

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