Washing Machine Performance
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Washing Machine Performance

All appliances are going to break down eventually. If you need reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk, you can always call on S&D Ireland. Sometimes an appliance can no longer be economically repaired and needs replacing. If it has been a while since you last bought a washing machine, the new features available can be mystifying! In this blog, we take a look at the spin function.

Washing Machine Performance & Spin Speed Ratings: What Do They Mean?


Spin speed refers to the speed the drum rotates during a spin cycle. It is measured in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and usually ranges between 800 and 1600 RPM.


If you are buying a washing machine, look out for a model with a higher RPM. The faster the spin, the more water can be squeezed out of your laundry, so the quicker dries. Some models let you alter spin speed to suit the load. Delicates, for example, could be damaged by high spin speeds. Lowering the spin speed helps reduce creasing.


High-speed models are more expensive, but even though the difference in water extracted at the top end is not too noticeable if you dry your clothes with a tumble dryer, a higher spin gives the dryer has less work to do, so it saves energy and money.



As well as a spin speed, washing machines also have a performance rating from A to G for spin. Most models score at least C, so although it a useful comparison, the actual spin speed in RPM is a better measurement to use.




A machine’s wash performance rating is based on how well it cleans its load. These range from A to G, although all machines are now required to have an A rating. This information is not very useful anymore, unless you are comparing with an older machine.

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