Washing Machine Features Demystified
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Washing Machine Features Demystified

Appliances are always going to break down sooner or later. If you need reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk, then you can always call on S&D Ireland. But sometimes an appliance can no longer be economically repaired. If your washing machine needs replacing and it has been a while since you last bought a new one, the features available can be mystifying!

Washing Machine Features Demystified


Washing machines have a control panel with buttons, switches and dials that are used to set the machine. Indicators show you the settings you’ve chosen and how far through the cycle is. Some machines have a memory button, to save your favourite wash settings. Some machines also have an LCD display. Advanced models even have touchscreens. 

A time delay means you can set a programme to start exactly when you want. It is useful if you have cheaper electricity rates at night or don’t like damp clothes sitting in the machine while you’re out. 


Washing machine manufacturers add features to make their models more efficient. Some machines use sensors to calculate the amount of energy and water needed for a wash cycle. This helps to lower your bills. Automatic dosing makes sure the correct amount of detergent is used in each wash, based on the material type, and releases it from a reservoir. 


Child locks stop children from altering programme settings, and door locks stop them opening the machine.  Leak prevention systems use sensors to detect problems and cut off the water supply automatically. 


Modern brushless motors eliminate noise for quieter and more efficient wash programmes. Self-cleaning drums and detergent drawers are handy on higher-end machines. They use water jets to flush out residue after the wash. Variable spin lets you manually choose the spin speed - ideal if your clothes are coming out creased.

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