Guide To Washing Machine Types
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Guide To Washing Machine Types

Appliances break down eventually. If you need someone reliable to repair a washing machine in Ormskirk, you can always call S&D Ireland. Sometimes a washing machine cannot be economically repaired. If you need to replace a washing machine and it has been a while since you bought one last, the types and styles available can be confusing!

Guide to Washing Machine Types & Styles


Freestanding washing machines are the most common type. They can be placed anywhere there is a connection for water, drainage and an electrical socket. They have you the largest choice of drum capacities and features such as spin speeds.



If you need a washing machine for a built-in kitchen, you need an integrated model. This type fits behind a cupboard door in a kitchen unit. Integrated designs help to reduce vibration noises as they are fitted more securely, and the door helps to muffle sound.  Integrated machines are more difficult to install than freestanding models as the cupboard door has to be lined up and drilled, plus the machine needs to be levelled and secured properly.



Most washing machines in the UK are front loading. Front loaders clean better than the old top-loading models, and they are more energy efficient as they use less water. Front-loaders often have higher spin speeds to extract more water from your laundry, keeping drying times short. Some models have a larger capacity, so you’ll do fewer washes and can fit bulky items like towels, bed sheets and duvets in them.



Nearly every washing machine sold in the UK is now cold fill, meaning they heat the water inside the machine instead of taking hot water in from your boiler. Cold fill machines are cheaper to make, which has reduced prices.  Cold fill machines are more efficient - instead of taking in pre-heated water from the boiler, they only heat the exact amount of water they need for a wash.

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