Repairing A Washing Machine
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Repairing A Washing Machine

Most experts say you should expect to get at least seven years out of a washing machine before it starts to fail irreparably. Of course, If your washer is getting so old its life is measured in decades rather than years, then replacement parts for it may be difficult to get hold of.

Repairing a Washing Machine

Before you book a repair, you will need to know whether your manufacturer’s warranty has expired or not. Newer machines may still be under warranty, but once that is gone, then it’s up to you to get it repaired yourself. And that’s where S&D Ireland come in. 

Typical Warranty Periods

For 30 days after purchase, if your appliance breaks down, you can be sure it’s still under warranty. The store where you bought it may well exchange it for you. Call them to ask about their returns policy to be sure. Most appliance manufacturers have at least a 1-year warranty, so if it is less than 12 months since purchase, the appliance is likely to still be covered, but the store may ask you to contact the manufacturer to arrange a repair. 

How Long Should My Washing Machine Last?

There is no official legal requirement for any appliance or piece of electrical equipment to last for a minimum period of time.  Although as a guideline you should expect at least seven years of trouble-free operation from an appliance, there is a range of factors that will affect its lifespan. 

How Can I Keep My Machine Working Longer?

Pone of the most common reason washing machines fail is through regular overloading. There are some other practical reasons to avoid overloading as well as risking a breakdown.  Clothes that are packed in tightly can get creased and may not be washed properly.  If there are too many garments in the drum then there is less room for water so the quality of cleaning may reduce.  

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