Is Your Appliance Still Under Warranty?
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Is Your Appliance Still Under Warranty?

No matter what make of appliances you have, how much you paid for them or how well you have cared for them, one thing is true: they are going to break down eventually. If you are searching for reliable appliance repair in Ormskirk, you can trust S&D Ireland. Before then, you may have called on a manufacturer’s warranty if you had a fault.

Is your appliance still under warranty?

It is important to know when your warranty is up, and never attempt a do-it-yourself repair when your appliance is under warranty. This will void any coverage that you have left. Here’s how you can tell if your appliance is still under warranty. 

Check Your Receipt or User’s Manual

Your receipt can confirm the date you bought the appliance, and the user’s manual usually has a number to call for service. If you paid extra for an extended warranty then details are possibly kept there. The best way to know for sure is to check the documentation (if you retained it). It’s really important to hold onto receipts and manuals for your appliances for this reason. 

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

If you no longer have the paperwork for your purchase, you may have registered it at the manufacturer’s website. If you did so, then details will be stored there. 

Contact the Retailer

You can sometimes retrieve specific details about a transaction by contacting the retailer. They do not keep records forever, though – but they will certainly know if you have a live extended warranty. 

Consider Credit Card’s Consumer Protection

If you purchased your appliance with a credit card, you may be in luck: some credit card companies offer extended warranty coverage on purchases for an extra year after the manufacturer’s warranty period expires. 

Book an Appliance Repair Today

If your appliance is not under warranty anymore, you can still arrange to have your machine fixed at low cost. Asking a professional technician from S&D Ireland is your best option. And because all our repairs come with a year’s warranty on the parts that we have replaced you will have peace of mind.

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