Washing Machine Problems
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Washing Machine Problems

Here at S&D Ireland in Ormskirk, we are very used to dealing with a whole host of problems with washing machines. There are some faults that are actually common to almost every make of washing machine.  Whatever your washing machine brand, the best thing to do when you encounter a problem is to call us so we can deal with the problem as soon as possible. This can prevent more expensive and more serious damage to your appliance.

Here are three of the most common washing machine problems:

1. The washing machine begins to make an unusual noise 

It is easy to ignore noises if the wash is apparently continuing as normal, but ignoring it may make matters worse if you leave it.  It is better to contact S&D Ireland Ormskirk straight away so we can try to correct the problem now - and save you the cost of more expensive repairs or a replacement machine further down the line.

2. Clogged soap drawer

The soap drawer of your washing machine can get blocked. It will benefit from being regularly cleaned.  Every fortnight or so, give it a good rinse to stop it from getting bunged up.  It is best to remove the drawer to do this and to also clean the area where it fits inside the washing machine.  You can use an old toothbrush to do this.  After you have finished, run the rinse cycle to remove any dirt that has been dislodged.

3. Smelly seals

Black and smelly seals on your washing machine are not a cause for panic!  This is actually a common problem and is easy to deal with.  New seals can be fitted quickly and simply.  To make the seals last longer, remember to always leave the door of the machine ajar when it is not in use, and to give them a wipe after each wash.

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