How Long Should Domestic Appliances Last?
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How Long Should Domestic Appliances Last?

A question we are often asked by customers is how long their washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner or dishwasher is expected to last.  Unfortunately, there is no set lifetime for white goods – it all depends on the machine itself, how much it is used and many other factors that cannot be controlled.

How Long Should Appliances Last?

This depends on a number of factors: 

•    How often your appliance is used.  Just like with cars, it is often the case that parts have a generally accepted lifespan. They are known to be likely to fail after a certain number of miles have been covered.  A machine that is “high mileage” will wear out faster than one that is infrequently used.  As a very approximate rule of thumb, a low-end washing machine will need to be repaired repair after as few as 600 hours of use compared to some higher end ones that have been known to last for more than 10,000 hours without trouble.  It is logical that the more an appliance is used the quicker it will fail. 

•    IS the appliance right for the job?  A single person living alone is not going to use a tumble dryer as much as a full family of five. That means that they can rightly expect that the same appliance will last them longer.  There are machines that are more suitable for heavy-duty use, so it helps if you explain to the salesperson when you purchase an appliance how you are likely to use it. 

•    Breakdowns and parts failure.  Even if you only bought your machine two years ago and it now needs a new and expensive part you probably can’t make a claim for compensation under consumer legislation.  Unless there is a known fault with the machine that was present at the time of manufacture, breakdowns and failure of components through wear and tear are facts of life.  No appliance is going to last forever.

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