Tumble Dryer Problems
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Tumble Dryer Problems

Just like any other household appliance, your tumble dryer can go wrong.  S&D Ireland have plenty of experience in dealing with problems with most makes and models of the tumble dryer, and we are happy to be called out to repair them with our fixed price Ormskirk appliance repair service. With any problems that you have with appliances, dealing with the issue quickly as soon as it first arises is best. This can save you costly repairs or even needing a replacement machine.

Some typical sources of tumble dryer trouble: 

1. When your tumble dryer doesn’t work as well as it used to this is a sign of a possible fault.  If you have the condenser type of dryer, then you need to clean the condenser unit out with clean water at least once every three months.  Conventional dryers can get a build-up of fluff which has to be removed – check for it every couple of weeks.  Also, make sure that the vent hose is not blocked, bent or crushed. Finally, avoid overloading the machine. Following these tips will maximise the life of your dryer. 

2. No power? If your tumble dryer isn’t turning, then you can check that the socket is working by unplugging the machine and plugging in something else that you know works, such as a lamp or the kettle.  If the socket works but not the machine then call S&D Ireland, and we can send someone to take a look. 

3. Tumble dryers have been responsible for house fires, so if you smell burning be careful. It should not usually be a problem – the cause might be an electrical fault, but it could also be fluff that is being scorched.  Whatever the cause, it needs fixing so turn the machine off and unplug it then call us at S&D Ireland for further advice.

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