Is Your Microwave Worth Repairing?
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Is Your Microwave Worth Repairing?

When a household or kitchen appliance breaks, you wonder what you are going do you do. Most of us will end up throwing it out and buying ourselves a new one. But that is not always the right move – a lot of household appliances can be repaired very affordably when you call S&D Ireland, your local Ormskirk domestic appliance repairs specialists. Here is our guide which should help you decide whether or not having your household appliance repair is going to be worth it, or if it really is time to throw the broken device away and replace it with a new one. 

Repair or Replace a broken Microwave?

Most homes in the United Kingdom now have a microwave oven, so it has become very easy for householders to take them for granted. But if your microwave oven stops working all of a sudden then you will find yourself asking the question — should I replace my broken microwave or get it repaired? 

A replacement appliance doesn’t come cheap, and your appliances should last you at least seven. So if your microwave is out of warranty but still relatively new, then a repair might well cost less than it would cost to replace it. If this is the case, then the fix is worth it. 

  •          Microwave problems that can be fixing include:
  •          The light not coming on when the door opens
  •          No light while cooking
  •          Door switch not engaging
  •          Controls not responding 

Some of these more major problems might warrant the replacement of your microwave:

  •          A loud noise while cooking
  •          A buzzing sound when you hit the Start button
  •          Food is cold after cooking, or it takes longer than usual to heat up 

S&D Ireland Ormskirk Appliance Repair

Your best bet is to call us at S&D Ireland Ormskirk microwave repair service. We have a fixed price repair service, and if we cannot repair your microwave, then you can always choose a new one from our range. As well as repairing Ormskirk microwaves we also offer a Southport microwave repair service and Maghull microwave repair service.


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