Avoid Laundry Disasters

Avoid Laundry Disasters

We know: loading and using the washing machine is not exactly rocket science, but you may be surprised how many machines fail through misuse. Keeping a few things in mind when you do the laundry can avoid a potentially expensive disaster. 

Tips To Avoid Laundry Disasters

  • Always, always check all the pockets of clothes are empty before they go in the machine.  Look out for coins and keys, and especially hair grips. And not only to protect your washing machine – phones and car keys are small and often left in pockets – and anything electronic is susceptible to water damage so is unlikely to survive a wash. 
  • It is a good idea to do up zips and fasten buttons of garments, and roll sleeves down.  The intense agitation of a wash cycle can actually cause buttons to tear buttonholes and bunched up wet clothing can unbalance your machine when the drum is spinning.  To prevent the possibility of fading turn your dark clothes and jeans inside out. 
  • It goes without saying that you should check the care labels inside your clothes in case they need special treatment. 
  • When filling the machine, distribute the clothing loosely and evenly in the machine. Avoid overloading – remember that wet clothes weight more than dry clothes so even if they weigh less than the machine says it can handle, this may not be the case when they are wet.  A load of laundry should never take up more than three-quarters of height the drum. 
  • Overloading can lead to damage to the machine’s motor which means expensive repairs or replacement is going to be needed sooner. 
  • Finally, use the right amount of detergent – as instructed on the pack.  Using too much creates too many suds and they carry soil, dirt and bacteria that can’t be fully washed away, leaving an unpleasant residue.  Too much soap can actually make the rinse cycle less effective so doesn’t get your clothes cleaner.

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