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    Are you slaving away over the kitchen sink with a scrubbing brush every night after work, having a fight with a particularly greasy baking tray? If so, why? Because you have a small kitchen and no room for a dishwasher? Well throw that misconception straight out the window and take a look here. Dishwashers are one of the most convenient and hygienic appliances of the modern day and just because your kitchen is small, it doesn?t mean you can?t invest in one.

    Slimline dishwashers are all the rage nowadays and will fit into the unlikeliest of spaces. No more will you have to waste your precious evenings and weekends washing dish after dish with elbow grease.

    A compact dishwasher offers all the benefits of a standard sized dishwasher, in a smaller package. As a freestanding product, it will easily slide underneath your kitchen worktop, so you don?t have to spend an afternoon re-assembling your kitchen appliances to make room for it.

    But how can a small dishwasher work as well as a standard sized dishwasher?

    Don?t be fooled by its size, as a slimline dishwasher is cleverly designed so that the space inside is used to its full extent. Most models come complete with baskets, shelves and racks to hold items securely and safely. But if you?re wondering how you can fit in that particularly large serving dish, then fear not. The baskets are easy to move, and the shelves and racks can simply be folded away, allowing room for even the biggest of items.

    Never again will you need to hesitate when considering whether to hold a dinner party. That pile of soiled dishes need not haunt your dreams. Simply stack a compact dishwasher with dirty plates, switch it on and forget all about it. After all, the best things come in small packages.

  • Full Size Dishwashers

    If you?re tired of spending your evenings washing dirty dishes, then why not purchase a dishwasher and save yourself time and hassle? We have a range of?full size dishwashers?that are perfect for large households. These are extremely spacious and guaranteed to wash large loads thoroughly and efficiently.

    Thanks to the size and shape of the stacks within?standard size dishwashers, you can easily and safely add a number of items; even those awkwardly shaped serving dishes. Most models include a basket which is used primarily to stack glasses. These are designed to make sure that these delicate items are cleaned thoroughly without sustaining any damage.

    We have selected a number of full size dishwashers below, each of which has its own added benefits. Our range comes from well known brands including?Bosch,?Blomberg?and?Hoover.

    Our dishwashers have a number of different features, including a variety of programmes enabling you to set the wash to your requirements. Some have time delays so the cycle finishes at a time that is convenient for you. Others have a half load option for those days where you don?t use as many dishes. Your plates still receive a thorough clean, but the wash uses less water and is quicker than a regular cycle. This will certainly help you to save a bob or two on energy bills.

    Certain models have a built-in anti leak system, giving you total peace of mind. If the appliance were to leak, the model automatically shuts off the water supply, keeping your carpet and furniture free from permanent damage.

    Most models include programmes specifically designed to clean even the toughest of stains. These intensive washes are ideal for items that would normally cause a fight with a regular scrubbing brush. Try using this programme on dishes that are covered in grease or burnt-on food.

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