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    It can be tricky finding the right vacuum for your home. So much choice can leave you wondering? which design or model is best. If space is limited or you want a cleaner that can easily be stored, our cylinder vacuums are the perfect choice for your home.

    These compact machines have great mobility and pack enough power to help you get the job done. Whenever some quick cleaning needs to be done, these cylinder vacuums come in handy.

    Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places

    While an?upright vacuum cleaner?has its advantages, cylinder models are extremely popular with our customers. Suitable for smaller homes, they're perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

    The long-reach nozzle makes light work of stairs and underneath furniture. You won't even have to stretch to reach the top of your curtains or other areas you wouldn't normally be able to get to.

    Cylinder vacuum cleaners can be used on different surfaces, such as carpet, laminate, lino and hardwood flooring. And they're lightweight, so it's easy to move them from one room to the next. They're also quieter than their upright cousins.

    Brands You Can Trust

    We only supply appliances that meet the highest quality, from the most trusted brands. For a reliable product that takes the strain out of cleaning your home, the?Sebo K1 Pro vacuum?is a popular choice.

    Sebo have been specialising in vacuum cleaners for over thirty years, so you know a product by them is one you can rely on.

    If you want an appliance that can be stored easily yet still offers powerful performance, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice.

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners

    We have a range of models, from compact upright vacuum cleaners to vacuums with a little more power, meaning you can choose one that's right for your home.

    It might not be the most popular chore, but when it comes to vacuuming, you need a reliable product from a brand you can trust.

    Packed with Cleaning Power

    If you want performance that enables you to tackle your carpet, hardwood flooring and upholstery, an upright vacuum cleaner will help you get the job done in a jiffy.

    While?cylinder cleaners?are very popular with our customers, many people like the sheer power that comes with an upright model.

    Sebo models?are just the ticket to take the strain out of vacuuming your home. The models on our website are exclusive to Euronics, meaning you can't find these fantastic products anywhere else.?They feature an extendable hose that's perfect for cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach places and they also remove dust, pet hairs and pollen for those who suffer from allergies. They also come with a 5 year guarantee, so you can have complete peace of mind.?

    Compact Cleaners

    Not everyone wants a bulky upright vacuum cleaner. That?s why we also specialise in cordless, lightweight models from Bosch. These models come with a rechargeable lithium battery so they can be used without being plugged in ? so there?s no more getting tangled up in trailing cables.

    Like the Sebo cleaners, these slim appliances are suitable for a range of surfaces and offer fantastic performance. They?re also perfect for getting into tight spaces and corners, so you can do a more thorough clean.

    We also stock?Shark sweepers, which are ideal for simple cleaning jobs. With their ultra-lightweight design, you can easily carry them up and down the stairs for quick clean-ups, without having to get the hoover out.

    Whatever model you choose, an upright vacuum cleaner will make light work of your chores.

  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity due to their lightweight design and ease-of-use. We have plenty of styles from a range of top brands, so you?re sure to find the right model for your home.

    Uprights and Handsticks

    There are two main types of cordless vacuum cleaners ? uprights and handsticks.

    Cordless upright cleaners are similar to standard upright vacuums, with the obvious difference of being cord-free. ?They tend to have larger dustbin capacities and longer run times than handsticks.

    Handstick cleaners combine upright and handheld vacuum features. They come with a long reach tube so you can clean carpets and hard floors ? as the tube is detachable, you can convert the cleaner into a handheld. Handsticks are usually lighter than cordless uprights, making them ideal for quick clean-ups, and taking up and down the stairs.

    Run Time

    One of the most important factors for a cordless cleaner is the run time. This dictates how long you can clean before recharging the vacuum.

    Run times vary greatly between different models and types of cordless cleaners. Generally, the more expensive the model, the longer the run time ? although there are exceptions!

    Cordless upright vacuum cleaners can have a run time anywhere between 12 minutes and 75 minutes. The majority are around the 20 to 40 minute mark.

    Cordless handsticks vary less, with most having a run time between 20 ? 40 minutes.

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